Drip Check #1

Drip Check #1

Welcome to our new blog series, Drip Check, a series of posts where I talk all things fashion, my favourite pieces, style ideas and my take on new trends. Today I’m going to be talking about my go-to outfit currently.


My outfit of choice recently consists of my Louis Vuitton Grey Hologram Polo, Dsquared2 Jeans, paired with my Louis Vuitton Damier Runaway Sneakers which are probably my most favourite shoes. Depending on the occasion I would style this outfit with my Louis Vuitton Epi Leather Clutch.


Pictured: Louis Vuitton Hologram Polo, Louis Vuitton Hologram Belt, Louis Vuitton Damier Pocket Organiser, Louis Vuitton Runaway Sneakers.

The Runaway Sneaker is my favourite shoe, sadly Louis Vuitton have discontinued it and these are now dead stock, which has made them highly demanded in the reselling market.


Pictured: Louis Vuitton Runaway Sneakers.

The Louis Vuitton Hologram Polo has also been discontinued making it an even more desirable piece. This polo is a personable favourite of mine, being made from 100% wool is it has an incredibly soft and luxurious feel, it also offers a smart fit and can be worn to lots of different types of occasions from smart to casual.


Dsquared2 Jeans are my all-time favourite jeans. I wear the ‘Cool Guy Slim Fit Jeans’ in blue. The wash of these jeans goes with so many different outfits and the fit is just right for me. I like that they aren’t too tight around the ankle and sit nicely on your shoes. Currently we don't have any Cool Guy jeans available but we do have two pairs of Skater Jeans available. Keep an eye on our new arrivals as we may stock more Dsquared2 Jeans soon.


Pictured: Dsquared2 Skater Jeans (34W) available on our site for £260.00 - https://focusedfashion1.com/collections/jeans-trousers/products/dsquared2-skater-jeans 

Unfortunately none of these exact items are in stock on our website currently as they sell out very fast, but if you are looking for any of these items please send us a message on Instagram or email, or leave a comment below and we would be happy to help you source these items.  


I hope you liked our first Drip Check blog post, if you have any thoughts on what would should add to this series please let us know down below! Have a great week.

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