Why We Sell Preowned

Why We Sell Preowned

Here at Focused Fashion we pride ourselves on selling preowned, luxury items. Why? Not only does it help us to provide our customers with the designer pieces they want for less, but it also allows us to contribute to ecological and sustainable fashion through the recycling of garments.


Sustainable fashion, also referred to as eco-fashion, is a movement and process of encouraging change to the fashion system towards greater ecological integrity and social justice. Recycling in fashion is finding another use for an existing garment that otherwise would become waste. Garment recycling in our case, involves finding another user for these timeless pieces.


As a business we try to focus heavily on stocking preowned items from brands such as Moncler, Louis Vuitton, Stone Island, Gucci, Givenchy and Lanvin. Sourcing preowned garments and accessories of these brand names means that they are made and produced to the exceptionally high standard of quality that these amazing brands enforce and as a result they can truly past the test of time, endurance and longevity – assuming that they are looked after properly. This makes the recycling of these pieces effortless and allows us to resell items of amazing quality, and price.


In conclusion, the main reason that I created this business, was to provide a simple way for people to sell their old clothing that they might have outgrown or no longer love, find new items that are a better fit for them as a person, and allow them to buy the items they want at a more affordable price. In doing this I am able to not only help others create their dream wardrobe for less but also promote sustainable fashion. Next time you’re thinking about investing into a new designer item, consider shopping preowned, in addition to saving yourself some money, you will also be recycling an item and pushing the industry towards less waste, less environmental damage and less social injustice.


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